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Because challenges need solutions - right?


We have a number of them and a number of ways for us to engage, everything from half-day assignments through to long term contracts and a sliding scale fee structure to suit all budgets.

Glass of Drink



Let's get commercial

Volume - it can be a very scary concept in itself, work with us to take your concept from the kitchen bench dream to reality.

Don't waste another year struggling to grow, make it happen today!

Catering Sauce



The ancient art of listening

You have the concept, you have the drive, now you just need a little direction and support in the right place. Crabtree& are here to help.

Chef's Special



Our skin in your game.

Looking for an injection of knowledge, capital or maybe both? We frequently help small businesses and start-ups by taking an equity partnership or finding the right capital funding options.



Manufacturing and FMCG

From Technical Expertise and NPD to Top Level Strategy, Turnaround or Team Tune-up,

Transformation &  Commercial Reboot or M&A advice, we have it covered.

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