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Nutty Baker with a chocolate cake

I first met with Harvey in early 2015, after a chance meeting as I was delivering cakes to a café he frequented.

I was at a major juncture point with my business, that sticky bit where the struggles were beginning to outweigh the positives.

He intercepted my delivery and told me that I had a great product and should keep up the hard work, praise indeed from the Ex CEO of Manna from Heaven...

On reflection - It was just what I needed to hear. 

Harvey has continued to be an important sounding board in the development of my business, using his wealth of experience to aid my decision making processes. 

It’s only when you talk through your challenges to an experienced ear, you realise that in most cases, it wasn’t that complicated after all.

Cake with flowers

Harvey  has been that “experienced ear” in the development of my business, which has continued to flourish since that impromptu meeting"

Nina Siljanovic

The Nutty Baker

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